We provide you an oportunity to purchase securities by taking a loan.


Always be prepared for exceptional opportunities in the market.


We offer you financing of your strategic purchases.

Liquidity is of key importance in the business world. Success depends on the speed of one's responses when opportunities present themselves. In such moments funds are not always at hand. But one does not want to miss the right moment. We, therefore, offer you the possibility to take a loan and use it to take advantage of market opportunities. 


You can choose from the following loan options:

Limit on trading account (available soon)

Always be prepared for exciting market opportunities 

Utilize a favorable moment for the purchase of shares by using a negative account balance limit on your trading account, in the amount of up to 10% of the total value of marketable securities in your portfolio or up to an amount of 20,000 EUR.

You can use the approved funds to purchase securities through our trading platform ILIRIKA Online. You can request a limit on your trading account via the online form found on the ILIRIKA Online platform.


Immediate purchase without prior transfer of funds! 


As soon as the approval is made, the funds will be reserved and will be waiting for you to take advantage of market opportunities - as soon as you need it. The limit will be visible on ILIRIKA Online and will be displayed as a negative balance on your trading account. This can all be done online. No personal visits to the office required.

Terms of financing


• Maximum amount of the limit: 10% of the market value of the portfolio or up to 20,000 EUR 
• The limit is available to customers against payment of the reservation of funds and is valid for one calendar year 
• Variable interest rate: 1-month Euribor + fixed mark-up 8% p.a. + variable mark-up in% expressed monthly growth rate of consumer prices * 
• Annual fee for the reservation of funds for the limit: according to the valid ILIRIKA price list 


*if 1M, Euribor or the monthly growth rate of consumer prices is negative, their value is zero. 

Contact us for more information on loans

Loans are tailored to the individual needs and wishes of our customers, thus call us on +386 1 300 24 61 or write to us at to get more information. 


You can also enter your details in the form below and we will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can only use the borrowed funds to trade securities through your trading account with ILIRIKA.

You can use the borrowed funds to trade all liquid securities, such as shares on major international stock exchanges, Krka shares, Petrol shares or other shares on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. The liquidity of securities is determined on the basis of the company's internal rules. Generaly speaking this means that the share must be traded in at least 90% of the time in the last three months.

The amount of money to take out a loan depends on the product you choose. For example, for REPO loans, which are considered special-purpose loans, the minimum value of the loan portfolio is 100,000 EUR. In the case of a loan for the purchase of securities or a limit on the trading account, there is no minimum amount, but there is an upward limit, namely the maximum value of the borrowed amount is 20,000 EUR or 10% of the value of the portfolio. 

To activate the loan, you must first have a trading account with ILIRIKA d.d. and have liquid securities in the portfolio. Once this condition is met, you can apply for a loan or limit through the online trading platform. You can do this on the home screen of the ILIRIKA Online trading platform from the comfort of your home armchair. No branch visit is required. The loan is expected to be granted within one to three business days. For more information on the REPO loan, we recommend that you contact one of our experts, who will prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

Once you have opened a trading account with ILIRIKA, you can log in to your ILIRIKA Online account and place an order for electronic trading (or e-trading). 

The sale is carried out according to the same procedure as the purchase, except that when selecting an order instead of “Buy”, mark “Sell”. 

Borrowing funds or leverage means that ILIRIKA lends you part of the funds that can be used to buy securities. If you make a profit from trading on these borrowed funds, it is, of course, exclusively yours. 

ETFs or exchange traded funds are funds, that are listed on the stock exchange and represent a baskets of various investments or portfolios that you can trade. By purchasing an ETF, you become the owner of the investments in your portfolio without having to buy each individual investment from the ETF's portfolio separately. 

You can open a trading account right from home via VIDEO IDENTIFICATION (via the following link: Ilirika Online) or by visiting the branch office, where our clerks in the reception office will be happy to open an account for you and answer any questions you may have.