User-friendly trading platform

  • Free use
  • Trading of all of the important world markets
  • Without minimal deposit for opening the account and minimal account credit
  • Financial calendar
  • Clear analytical tools
  • 24-hour access
  • Simple use/report submission

Safe Trading Platform

ILIRIKA maintains the trust and safety of our clients by offering you a carefully selected choice of financial instruments

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • ETF Funds
  • Commercial Papers

Accessible Trading Platform

Stay in touch with the world markets. On your phone, tab or computer.

ILIRIKA ONLINE is an intuitive trading platform. Create a demo account and try it out.




Advanced Trading Platform

The advanced trading characteristics of the ILIRIKA ONLINE keep notifying you of the optimal dispersal of your portfolio and important financial events, such as the receipt of dividends and the announcement of the company results.

Education and Training

We are available for you every working day from 8 am to 4 pm and from 9 pm to 10 pm.

  • Personal Consultation
  • Trading Counselling
  • Market and Company Analyses
  • Financial Calendar
  • Educational Video Content

Technical Support

Your support in creating an account, using the platform, transferring assets, submitting reports.

Are you prepared for trading?

Frequently Asked Questions

Transfer the means for the purchase of financial instruments to the following account:


ILIRIKA borzno posredniška hiša d. d.

Slovenska cesta 54a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

IBAN: SI56 1010 0006 1529 035

Reference: SI00 No. of the Stock Intervention Agreement


Purpose: Purchase of Financial Instruments

The most common error is the incorrect entry of the username or the password.

In particular, you should pay attention to the differences between the letter O and the number 0 (zero), as well as between the letter i and I, l and L and also number 1 (one).

The ILIRIKA disables the access to the ILIRIKA ONLINE Trading Platform in the following examples:


  • incorrect access code is entered in three consecutive attempts,
  • access code has been reported lost, stolen or there has been an unauthorised access to the code,
  • if there are any reasons to suspect the possibility of an unauthorised access to the ILIRKA ONLINE services.


If your account has been locked, please let us know and we will unlock your access as soon as possible.

If you still cannot access the platform even with a correct username and password, your username needs to be reactivated. Please contact us:


If you have submitted your order for a foreign market, it is possible that the system does not support automatic market transfer due to safety reasons. The stock broker will transfer your order to the market in the shortest time possible.

If you have submitted your order for the local market, it is possible the submission took place outside of working hours of the stock exchange. It will be transferred to the market as soon as it reopens.

You can submit your order with the New Order button; a window will open where you enter all the requested data for the order.

‘Market order’ means your order shall be executed immediately regardless of the market price. ‘Limit order’ considers your set price for the execution of the order and it is carried out only after such conditions are possible or by a better price.

Your means are recorded on your trading account. Your financial means are transferred automatically unless you sign a special statement with ILIRIKA d.d. to cancel the automatic transfer of means from the sold stocks to your personal account. The transfer of financial means to your transaction account also requires waiting for the settlement of stock-exchange transactions, i.e. official exchange of your financial means for securities, which usually takes two working days.

The stocks are not visible in the portfolio if they are entered into the registration account at KDD d.d. or into a trading account of another member of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange or any other brokerage company. Each stock on the trading account at ILIRIKA is visible in the portfolio. You have the option to transfer stocks from other brokerage companies to ILIRIKA and they will thus appear in ILIRIKA ONLINE.

The transfer of stocks from any other brokerage company to the trading account at ILIRIKA can be executed by signing specific KDD forms. First, you need to have a trading account at ILIRIKA, and then you need to forward the signed KDD forms to the brokerage company with your stocks and to ILIRIKA. Our consultant can provide the necessary forms and any additional information on stock transfer.

The financial means for purchasing securities will be visible in your portfolio after the funds are received on our account.

Ilirika does not submit tax reports, you have to do so yourself, by the legal date depending on wich country you are registered as a tax resident. However, Ilirika Online does include all the necessary information for you to fill out your tax report, for the transactions made trough our trading platform.

Contact us and we will find an adequate investment path of stable growth for your financial assets.

This marketing communication is intended to inform clients about the services of ILIRIKA d.d. Ljubljana (hereinafter: ILIRIKA). Investments in financial instruments are risky. Information about ILIRIKA's services and risks is available in the General Terms and Conditions of Business with Financial Instruments, which are available on ILIRIKA's website and at ILIRIKA's offices. ILIRIKA provides brokerage services only at the initiative of the client.