Daily news - 21.11.2019
Published: 21. 11. 2019


Pharma group Krka's net profit up 42% to EUR 172m in first nine months

The Novo Mesto-based pharmaceutical group, Krka, generated EUR 1.09 billion in sales revenue in the first nine months of the year, which is 12% more than in the same period last year. Net profit increased by 42% to EUR 171.9 million. Sales were up in all regions and most markets. (STA)

Slovenia's budgetary plans show risk of non-compliance with EU rules, Commission says

Slovenia's draft budgetary plans for next year contain risks that could lead to non-compliance with EU budget rules, the European Commission said on Wednesday, adding the country might still end up complying with the rules considering the high degree of uncertainty in output gap estimates. (STA)

GZS summit sees companies progressing, but challenges remain

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) hosted its annual summit in Ljubljana on Wednesday, expressing satisfaction with the achievements of companies in recent years but also hearing calls for cooperation in the search for answers to the remaining developmental challenges. (STA)

Stakeholders sign statement for future development of Slovenia

Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), government and the education and research sector signed in Ljubljana on Wednesday a formal statement aiming at supporting their cooperation in developing Slovenia into an economically successful and knowledge- and added value-based society. (STA)


The White House’s former top Russia expert testifies

Fiona Hill will tell the impeachment inquiry about concerns over meetings between Donald Trump’s associates, and Ukrainian officials. Her appearance comes after damning testimony against the president from former ambassador Gordon Sondland. (Quartz)

US Democratic presidential candidates debated

Frontrunners Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg faced off against six other hopefuls during the fifth primary debate. Issues of race and gender loomed large, while Buttigieg—who has enjoyed a surge in recent polls—came under attack for his lack of national experience. (Quartz)

Israel missed a crucial deadline

The nation faces a third election after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rival Benny Gantz announced he had failed to form a coalition. Lawmakers now have 21 days to nominate anyone else in the Knesset to attempt the feat. (Quartz)

A Hong Kong bill passed the US House

The bill, which supports the Hong Kong protests and has strong bipartisan backing, passed the Senate earlier this week. Bloomberg reports that the president could sign it as early as today, further agitating the relationship between the US and China. (Quartz)


Ties with Euroclear Bank to bring more investors

Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali on Tuesday met with representatives of the Euroclear Bank, one of the largest clearing organisations in global securities trading. He expressed a desire for establishing better ties with the organisation in order to improve Serbia's position on the global market and enable it to boost investor confidence, attract more investors and develop its capital market further. (Tanjug)

Signing of agreement on construction of Morava Corridor announced for next 10 days – Price EUR 755 million, plus additional works

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced today that the signing of the agreement on the Morava Corridor would take place in the next ten days. Upon the signing of the commercial contract on the construction of the Ruma-Sabac highway and the Sabac-Loznica high-speed route, Vucic said that the signing of the agreement on the Morava Corridor would be organized on a section of the future highway, and not at the government or the presidency offices. The president said that the Morava Corridor would be finished by 2022, and the value of the works is estimated at EUR 755 million. He says that another 20% should be added to the number, accounting for potential additional works. (Ekapija)


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