Daily news - 14.11.2018
Published: 14. 11. 2018


NLB bank listed in Ljubljana and London

Ljubljana, 14 November - NLB shares were listed on the Ljubljana and London stock exchanges on Wednesday, bringing the sale of 65% of Slovenia's leading bank via an initial public offering (IPO) to an end. By selling NLB, Slovenia has partly met its commitment to the European Commission to sell 75% minus one share in exchange for a bailout in late 2013.
Source: STA

Fed economist gloomy about Slovenia

Egon Zakrajšek, a Slovenian economist working for the US Federal Reserve, has warned Slovenian companies to get ready for the next crisis, which he said central banks will not be able to tackle as effectively as the previous crisis since they do not have much wiggle room to reduce interest rates.
Source: STA


NBS: Annual inflation in October at 2.2%

According to the data of the Statistical Office, October inflation came at 0.3%, driven most by the seasonal rise in the prices of fresh vegetables and clothes and footwear, as well as by the higher prices of petroleum products. Seasonally lower prices of fresh fruit exerted the strongest influence in the opposite direction. Year-on-year inflation continued to move within the target band (3±1.5%), amounting to 2.2% at end-October. Core inflation (CPI excluding the prices of food, energy, alcohol and cigarettes) remained low and stable, measuring, for the third month in a row, 1.1% y-o-y.
Source: NBS

FX reserves in October at EUR 11.5bn

NBS FX reserves amounted to EUR 11,550.4 mn at end-October, up by EUR 377.9 mn from a month earlier. This level of FX reserves covered 193% of money supply (M1) or around six months’ worth of the country’s imports of goods and services (almost twice the level prescribed by the standard on the adequate level of coverage of the imports of goods and services by FX reserves). The increase in FX reserves was sustained by nearly all categories, with the inflows by far outstripping the outflows. Net inflows were for their major part attributable to FX reserve management and the net positive market effects (EUR 156.8 mn in total).
Source: NBS

AERO: Belgrade Airport goes officially under concession over the next few weeks

The French company Vinci will take over the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport as the concessionaire in a few weeks, French Ambassador Frederic Mondoloni stated on Monday, November 12, 2018. The 25-year concession agreement entails financing, management, maintenance, expansion and upgrade of the existing airport terminal and the runway. The total nominal value of the transaction is around EUR 1.46 billion.
Source: Ekapija

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