Daily News 11.04.2018
Published: 11. 04. 2018


SBITOP gains 0.21 percent

The SBITOP index of blue chips on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange closed 0.21% higher at 829.75 points on Tuesday. The busiest item was pharma company Krka (+0.69% to EUR 57.20), which accounted for EUR 696,000 of the EUR 1.19m in total turnover. Biggest winner of the day in terms of returns was SavaRe with 3,51 percent.

Source: Ilirika


Cinkarna Celje (CICG): Management Board of Cinkarna Celje proposes a dividend of EUR 26.52 per share – a 12,33 percent dividend yield

Management Board and the Supervisory Board propose to the General Meeting of Shareholders for 21,550,008 EUR to be applied for dividends in the amount of 26,52 € / share.

Source: Cinkarna Celje 


Luka Koper (LKPG): An increase of revenues of Luka Koper by seven percent
According to non-conclusive data, Luka Koper increased its sales revenues for seven percent in January-March 2018 period.

Source: Luka Koper


Slovenia most attractive for German investment in CEE Europe

Slovenia is the most attractive country for German investment in Central and Eastern Europe, indicates an annual survey conducted by the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce. While pleased with the situation in Slovenia, German companies have pointed to labour legislation and high taxes as hindering business.

Source: STA


Hourly labour costs in Slovenia much below EU, eurozone averages

Hourly labour costs in Slovenia, a eurozone member since 2007, stood at 17 euro in 2017, much below the EU and eurozone averages of 26.8 euro and 30.3 euro, respectively, Eurostat data show.

Source: STA



Markets in the US and the EU in green
European and American markets were in the green yesterday. The German DAX index gained 1.11 percent, while the US SP500 and Nasdaq gained 1.49 percent and 1.89 percent. Yesterday, a barrel of oil went up for more than three percent to $ 71.04 a barrel, while gold jumped 0.25 percent to 1,339.64 per ounce. During the past week the EUR/USD ratio gained, which now stands at 1,238.





Delta Agrar to list on Warsaw and Vienna stock exchanges in 2018

The current year, 2018, will be the year of listing on the stock exchange for Delta Agrar, the head of the company, Ivan Kostic, says for the Poljoprivrednik magazine. He adds that he believes that Delta Agrar will be “the first Serbian company to list on the Warsaw and Vienna stock exchanges”. Regarding other plans, Kostic says that, in the field of livestock breeding, they are planning to enhance sheep breeding so that they would have 6,000 sheep and 15,000 labs in the next two years, an increase in the number of fatlings to 170,000 by 2020 and the production of 20 million liters of milk in two years.

Source: Ekapija


New agreement with Fiat more beneficial for Serbia

It is now almost certain that Fiat will remain in Kragujevac after the expiration of the ten-year agreement with the Serbian government, but will, according to the Serbian state officials, operate under different conditions. Both Kragujevac and the Serbian state budget could be better for billions of dinars, depending on the company’s operations. More details about the new cooperation agreement are yet to be announced while the Vecernje Novosti unofficially learns that the main change refers to Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA) no longer receiving state benefits and the subsidies from the city of Kragujevac.

Source: Serbiamonitor



France's Societe General reportedly leaving Serbia, region

The French banking group Societe Generale (SG) is pulling their business out of Central and Eastern Europe and selling their banks in six countries. This is according to EU Scoop, a small independent English language Bulgarian website, who citied anther Bulgarian website, capital.bg. According to the report, like Telenor, the bank will be "another big name that has pulled out of Bulgaria and the rest of Central and Eastern Europe."

Source: b92









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