Daily News - 29.03.2018
Published: 29. 03. 2018


SBITOP down additional 0.55%

The SBITOP index of blue chips was down by additional 0.55% yesterday, to 821.5points. The most traded name was Petrol, with EUR 236ths in volume. This was also among top losers since it was down 1.1%. SavaRe faced however, higher drop of 1.69%, when speaking about prime market segment. We saw no gainers yesterday at first quotation.
Source: Ilirika


European stock markets up before the holiday weekend

A trading day at European stock exchanges is in the green color. It is the last day before the extended holiday weekend, as most of the stock exchanges will be closed on Friday before Easter, and trading will only resume on Tuesday.


NBS: Mid-term and short term inflation in Serbia expected at 3%

According to the latest inflation survey published by NBS, both mid-term and short term inflation are expected at 3%. Participants in survey were companies from corporate and financial sector. Mid-term horizon is until 2020 year, while short term represent one year ahead – February 2019.
Source: NBS, Ilirika

Belgrade bourse targets three IPOs in next 12 months – CEO

The Belgrade Stock Exchange targets to attract three initial public offerings (IPOs) in the next 12 months with the support of its IPO Go! programme launched on Tuesday, CEO Sinisa Krneta said. The programme is aimed at increasing the awareness and demand for investment capital and the supply of securities on the bourse, which will be carried out in the next 14 months, Krneta said in a video file posted on the website of news agency Tanjug on Tuesday. The listing support project is funded by the Shareholder Special Fund (SSF) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Belgrade Stock Exchange itself, Krneta said.
Source: SeeNews

AERO: Transavia to increase number of flights on Belgrade-Amsterdam route

In its schedule for the summer of 2018, Air France-KLM announced an increase in the number of flights in all directions and classes, including the plan for the low-cost airline Transavia to realize 10% more flights in total. Belgrade is mentioned as one of the destinations. Instead of three flights a week, six will be offered, Air France-KLM announced.
Source: Ekapija

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