Daily News - 07.03.2018
Published: 07. 03. 2018


Large dividend payers in Slovenia report profit this week - the outlook for dividends looks good

Zavarovalnica Triglav (ZTVG) generated a net profit that enables the payment of a dividend of EUR 2.5. This means dividends yield on the dividend 7.68 percent. Today, good results have been published by Petrol (PETG), which indicate a 10 percent increase in dividends compared to the previous year, which would amount to about 4.6 percent dividend yield at present market price. This week we expect the annual report of the company SavaRe, whose shares also tend to bear more than four percent dividend yield.

In 2017, the Petrol Group generated sales revenues of EUR 4.5 billion, a 17% increase!

In 2017, the Petrol Group generated sales revenues of EUR 4.5 billion, which represents an increase of 17% on 2016. Operating profit totalled EUR 112.2 million, up 13% from 2016. EBITDA amounted to EUR 159.6 million, up 11% from the previous year. Net profit was EUR 81.1 million, up 12% from 2016.
In 2017, the Petrol Group sold 3.4 million tons of oil products, 5% more than in 2016. Revenues from sales of merchandise amounted to EUR 538.3 million, up 7% from 2016. At the end of 2017, the Petrol Group operated 495 service stations, of which 317 in Slovenia, 106 in Croatia, 38 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 in Serbia, 11 in Montenegro and 11 in Kosovo. In 2017, the Petrol Group sold 1.3 TWh of natural gas, 151.0 thousand tons of liquefied petroleum gas, 21.0 TWh of electricity and 140.8 thousand MWh of heat.

SBITOP gained 0.43 percent

SBITOP gained 0.43 percent reaching 810.43 points. The most traded stocks were the stocks of Petrol which gained 0.59 percent. Otherwise the biggest gainers of the day were the stocks of Intereuropa (7.14%), Krka (0.71%) and Zavarovalnica Triglav (0.48%).

The Koper container terminal from today with a new connection to Munich

Today the Slovenian rail operator Adria kombi provides a new direct service connecting the container terminal of Luka Koper to the terminal Riem in the Bavarian capital of Munich. Initially, trains will be driven three times a week in both directions. In particular, because of the shorter transport route, there is still a lot of potential for the growth of trade in goods via Koper.
Part of the EU funds for the second track could be used by the Directorate for Infrastructure instead of 2TDK
Slovenia proposed to the European Commission the transfer of the right to spend European funds for preparatory works for the second track from the project company 2TDK to the Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure (Drsi). In this way, according to State Secretary Jure Leben, "funds" which the 2TDK cannot draw on because of court proceedings, could be "solved".


Today's resignation of the White House's main economic advisor and the lack of clarity regarding security policies are likely to predict market failures today

White House chief economist Gary Cohn resigned from the Donald Trump administration. Former President of Goldman Sachs and free trade advocate Gary Cohn said in a statement: "I am honored to serve my country and to enforce growth-promoting economic policies for the benefit of the American people, in particular by introducing a historic tax reform."

US Factory Orders Fall the Most in 6 Months

New orders for US manufactured goods slumped 1.4% mom in January, following an upwardly revised 1.8% rise in December and slightly worse than expectations of a 1.3% drop. Transportation equipment led the fall, namely motor vehicle bodies, parts and trailers and aircraft and parts.


EBRD's new five-year strategy for Serbia – Expected growth in 2018 amounts to 2.9%

The EBRD’s Board of Directors has approved a new strategy for Serbia which will guide the Bank’s investments and policy work in the country for the next five years, the bank announced on March 5. The 2018-23 strategy sets out the following priorities: foster competitiveness and governance by boosting private companies and reforming state-owned enterprises and public utilities; enhance integration by improving the transport network, supporting regional economic connectivity and advancing energy interconnections; support the green economy through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as promoting sustainable practices across industries. Daniel Berg, EBRD Director for Serbia, said that they projected that the Serbian economy would grow by 2.9% in 2018.
Source: Ekapija

American companies interested in infrastructural projects in Serbia

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic talked with US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott and a delegation of the consortium Bechtel-Enka about new infrastructural projects being prepared by Serbia on March 5. Head of the American company Bechtel for Europe and the Middle East, Stuart Jones, said that he was impressed with the results realized in the field of infrastructure and emphasized that the company was interested in cooperating with Serbia on new projects, it is said.
Source: Ekapija

Higher GDP, employment growth key challenges for 2018, PM says

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has told the daily Danas that Serbia "finished last year with good economic indicators." According to Brnabic's remarks published by the Serbian government, "economic reforms and fiscal consolidation were priorities in 2017." Summarizing the results from last year, Brnabic said that we significantly reduced the public debt, we have a stable dinar exchange rate and inflation within the planned framework. The key economic challenges in this year are to achieve are a stronger GDP growth and to have unemployment rate below ten percent, therefore we will continue to relieve companies from excessive compulsory contributions, Brnabic explained, adding that the priority is attracting new investments as this contributes to the competitiveness of the economy.
Source: b92

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