Daily News - 27.02.2018
Published: 27. 02. 2018


SBITOP closed 809.46 points

SBITOP lost 0.04 percent yesterday. Gorenje (-2.18%), Telekom Slovenije (-1.64%) and Intereuropa (-0.99%) lost the most, while stocks of Krka went up by 1.07 percent.

Mlinotest with 1.7 million of net profit

Last year, Mlinotest generated revenues of 51.3 million euros and a little less than 1.7 million euros of net profits, according to today's unaudited results. Both revenues and profits rose slightly in relation to 2016, the company announced through the website of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

SURS: In 2017 tourists generated almost 12 million overnight stays

In December 2017, 11 percent more tourist arrivals and 10 percent more overnight stays were recorded in tourist accommodations than in December 2016. The same was true for foreign and domestic tourists. In 2017 almost 12 million tourist overnight stays were generated.


German and US markets in the green

DAX increased 37 points or 0.29 percent to 12520 points on Monday. Wall Street opened in the green on Monday, extending gains from last Friday as Treasury yields stabilized just under 3 percent, while Germany 10Y increased 0.05 percent on Monday.

Qualcomm gained 5.78 percent

Qualcomm gained 5.78 percent in stock value yesterday based on news on the company's increasingly likely takeover by Broadcom. Qualcomm also believes that Broadcom's offer of $ 79 per share is underestimated valuation. Qualcomm, however, increased its offer to acquire NXP to $ 127.50. This deal would allow Qualcomm to expand its sales to the automotive chip sector.


Share of grey economy in Serbia lowered to 15.4% of GDP – Cashless payments reducing room for non-transparent transactions

The fight against the grey economy is one of the priorities of the Government of Serbia this and next year, it was said recently at the third national conference “Way out of the Grey Economy”. The results of the survey showing that the share of the grey economy has dropped from 21.2% to 15.4% of the GDP in the past five years were also presented at the conference.
Source: Ekapija

First public call for Nis-Pristina highway possibly to open by the end of 2018

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic stated today that the Government of Serbia might consider opening a public call for the construction of the Nis-Merdare-Pristina highway. The head of the European Investment Bank (EIB) regional representation for the Western Balkans, Dubravka Negre, stated recently that she expected the financing for the first section, from Nis to Plocnik, to be approved in the second half of the year.
Source: Ekapija

Serbia and Bulgaria sign memorandums on cooperation in rail and water transport – Joint application for EU funds enabled

Memorandums on cooperation in rail and water transport between Serbia and Bulgaria, entailing the possibility of joint application for EU funds, were signed in Sofia on Friday, February 23, 2018. During the official visit of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to Bulgaria, the memorandums were signed by the ministers of transport, Zorana Mihajlovic and Ivaylo Moskovski, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia announced.
Source: Ekapija

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