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Daily News - 13.02.2018

Datum objave: 13.02.2018


SBITOP index gained 1.84 percent

Slovenian blue-chip index gained 1.84 percent on Monday trading day, reaching 818.32 points. The stock that recovered the most after the correction were the stocks of SavaRe, which gained 4.29 percent. Stocks that gained in value were also the stocks of Krka (+3.57%), Petrol (+2.64 %), Luka Koper (+1.65%) and Telekom Slovenija (+0.23%). Stocks that lost the most were the stocks of Cinkarna Celje (-1.94%), Zavarovalnica Triglav (-0.99%) and Intereuropa (-0.99%).

The value of industrial production in December 2017 at the annual level is higher by 12.2%

Industrial activity in December 2017 increased by 2.7% at the monthly level and by 12.2% at the annual level. At the annual level industrial activity increased in manufacturing (by 13.3%) and decreased in mining and quarrying (by 3.1%) and in electricity, gas and steam supply (by 0.6%).
In December 2017 the value of industrial production was 32.2% higher than the average of 2010. The largest long-term increase was recorded in high-technology manufacturing; production in December 2017 was 73.6% higher than the 2010 average.
Source: SURS


After last week’s correction European markets are up in the new weel

On the first trading day the European markets seem to be out of the correction mode. European markets gained between 1 and 1.8 percent. Positive expectations for European markets remain for Tuesday trading day as well.

Good profits for Heineken

The Dutch brewery of Heineken, which owns the Slovenian brewery Laško Union, ended in 2017 with a quarter profit higher than in 2016, mainly due to the increased sales of premium beer brands in almost all regions. Net profit was halted at 25.6% growth at 1.93 billion euros.


Serbia still among medium business risk countries according to D&B – Direct foreign investments increase by 12.9%

The credit rating house Dun & Bradstreet announced on February 6 that it still placed Serbia within the group of countries with a moderate risk of doing business and a stable rating and added that it was praiseworthy that direct investments in the country had increased by 12.9% y/y. Of the countries in the region, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Albania and Romania belong to the same group. Slovenia, which is characterized as a medium risk country, is the only country in the region to get a better rating. Of the said countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, a high-risk country, rates lower than Serbia.
Source: Ekapija

Region has "underdeveloped basic public infrastructure"

A regionally coordinated public infrastructure push and better management of projects could significantly increase per capita income in the Western Balkans. This is according to the European Department of the International Monetary Fund's new report, cited by Tanjug. "The long-term gain of real GDP per person could be as high as a 3-4 percentage points," says the analysis, written by Ruben Atoyan and Dora Benedek. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have underdeveloped transportation, energy and telecommunications networks compared to the EU average. The Western Balkans are behind the European average where supporting economic development with adequate infrastructure is concerned, a statement, cited by Beta, said.
Source: b92

Belgrade Stock Exchange to launch crowdfunding platform by late March

By the end of March, the Belgrade Stock Exchange will offer a crowdfunding platform in the Serbian market, a unique kind of market for financing startups and micro, small and medium enterprises in cooperation with one of the leading platforms of that kind in the world. The director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, Sinisa Krneta, told Beta that they thereby aimed to provide funds for further growth and development to young innovative companies and beginners.
Source: Ekapija, Belex


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